I'm Colin Plamondon.

Startup Founder and Product Management. My companies have variously driven 11m app downloads, 1m MAU, and $100k/month in customer spend.

Most recently I’ve started started Checkraise. We’re the first “from the ground up” poker room in years, with the very first native browser-based poker room.

We’re licensed, regulated, and have some phenomenal investors from both tech and poker.

Happier 2013-2016

Co-founded and ran Product at Happier, a VC-backed startup in Boston. Managed development, design, and marketing/acquisition.

We raised $4.2 million from Venrock & Resolute Ventures to create mobile courses in various categories, like meditation and yoga, partnering with public figures in the space such as Deepak Chopra.

Over 2 years, drove usage from zero to 100k MAU and built a highly engaged core community. My co-founder, Nataly, is now doing killer corporate wellness consulting and keynote speeches on top of the platform.

Free Books for iPhone, Spreadsong 2009-2013

Founded and bootstrapped Spreadsong, where we built the world's top selling iPhone book apps- 850,000 MAU, 15,000,000+ monthly sessions, 4,000,000 downloads to date, incredible reviews.

Drove revenue to $1m/year in sales with only 30k in up-front capital, opened development office in Budapest with 5 full-time developers, established dominant market position on iOS.